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Tarbosaurus Profile
Tarbosaurus, plodding along.

This illustration is based on a skeletal of a subadult specimen, PIN 551-3.

There is another version at the Wikimedia Commons:…
The Wikimedia version has a silhouette of type specimen behind it, which to my knowledge is the largest known, and a humanoid for scale.

Update History:

Update 20/8/2017:
This image has been updated many times over the years on the Wikimedia Commons, however, not here on DA. 

The first versions were naked/scaley skinned which, based on skin impressions of derived tyrannosaurs, I felt was the best option. Then Yutyrannus got discovered and people online were pointing out that the skin impressions might not actually be representing a scaly surface. There were also rumours of 'naked skin' that looked like 'plucked chicken', talk of scales and feathers coexisting in the same place. I felt that fully feathered derived tyrannosaurs might actually be a thing and did a version that is fully feathered on the Wikimedia version.

The full feathered version can be seen…

Now that tyrannosaur skin impressions are better described I have decided to reduce the feathering to just the dorsal surface. I decided to include a coat of feathers rather than just sparse fuzz like on my T.rex illustration. 

Update 2008:
I have recently found some skeletals by Greg Paul. He has done a subadult and two juveniles. It appears that Tarbosaurus has a large head for its body size, a larger head to body ratio than other tyrannosaurs. The head in this image is therefore probably too small. Tarbosaurus having a proportionally large head is something I have heard of before and looking at photos of skeletons, some appear to show this.

This version can be seen here:…

May 2007:
This illustration is based on as much information that I could find online but there are no skeletal drawings readily available. I have mainly used Tyrannosaurus proportions scaled to have a 1.30m skull (the length of the holotype skull).

I used an image of a Tarbosaurus skeletal mount, which is in an approximate lateral view, to help with the proportions. I have also looked at Greg Paul's Daspletosaurus skeletal and two specimens of Tyrannosaurus done by Scott Hartman. All were scaled to have a skull of about 1.30m and all came out at ''similar'' sizes. Also looking at Scott Hartman's Tyrannosaurus Skeletals (he has done 5 different specimens) There is quite a lot of variation in the different specimens proportions, so my hope is that this is within a reasonable range for the species. But until I can find a skeletal reconstruction..........
Parkosaurus Profile: June 2007 Version
I can't remember but I think this is the first version I uploaded back in 2007

The most recent version can be found here:…
Parksosaurus Profile: July 2007 Version
This is the original version of my Parksoaurus Profile done back in July 2007. This is just the scanned pencil drawing with some very minor clean-up. The most recent version can be found here:…
Parksosaurus Profile
Parksosaurus, in lateral view; based proportionally on a Gregory Paul skeletal drawing.

Pencil Drawing with Photoshop adjustments and colouration.


Update History: For a more detailed update history please see the file history at the Wikimedia Commons.…

The original version uncoloured version can be seen here:…

This I think was the first version to make it onto DA:…
Update17/06/2008: I changed the pose slightly....When I originally drew it I was trying to avoid it running like many dinosaur side shots. It, however, became really boring and static...It still is static...but not quite as bad as before. I have also changed the colour scheme. There were a lot of patterns and stripes which made it cluttered and distracting.

Update 28/07/2009: The pose has changed once again. I think it's much better than before, more dynamic and naturalistic.

Update 11/04/2010: Minor adjustments and changed the colour from a bluish to a brownish, feels more natural.

Update 17/04/2014: Small cosmetic tweaks.
This version can be seen…

Update 20/08/2017: Updated to include 'feathers' and quills. This update was actually done in 2015, I just haven't gotten around to updating it here.
What do you, fellow humans, think the best way to update an image on DeviantArt is?

What follows is my over thinking....

The reason I ask is because I often update my images a fair bit; to either improve scientific accuracy or artistic rendering. Some of my images are on Wikipedia so I feel it's important to keep those inline with current thinking.

Sometimes an update will be a minor artistic touch-up/correction that I don't mind updating over the original. Often, however, I find I'll do an update that is so drastically different from the original image that I feel the original should be preserved for those who 'favourited it' in an older state. They might prefer the older version. I know there are people out there who prefer to see an image that is clearly a traditional pencil drawing for example. My updates are all digital and often they move away from that pencil drawn look.

Take a look at these two versions of my Tsintosaurus image. They are basically the same image, they share the same DNA but are drastically different in rendering and anatomy.

2007 Version:…
2017 Version:…

It's not like it jumped from the 2007 version straight into the 2017 version, it evolved into this over a decade of Smaller Edits.

What I don't want is hundred of similar but different deviations cluttering up my DA account.

One way I have done this is re-uploaded over the original and created a new deviation in 'scraps' for an older version and linked them to each other. The downside is I feel you are forcing a new version on someone who might not appreciate it in its new state.

The other option is just to created a new deviation and called it '.....Version 2/3/4' etc. The downside is you might end up with loads of different versions that clutter your gallery and are all basically the same image; this offends my OCD. I've done this in the past if the change is drastic like going from a greyscale pencil look to adding colour and going to a digital look.

If you update an image on the Wikimedia Commons, it shows you a file history so you can see the progression of an image. This type of system is great because you can have the one version that people can go to and still see all the different versions you have created in the past. 

For example, check out this history on my Gallimimus picture on the Wikimedia Commons. Seen Here:…

What do you people think is the best way of doing this on DA?
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